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About ISCO Somaliland

The Independent Civil Society Organisations Coalition (ISCO Somaliland) is a coalition for the independent civil Society organisation of Somaliland to cooperate on areas of democracy and civic rights. ISCO Somaliland will always act in accordance for the best interest of democracy and civic space based on the constitutional principles and international standards. All member organisations cooperate on matters of common interest for enhancement of democracy and civic space. ISCO Somaliland is committed in sustaining an independent and vibrant network of civil society actors and groups that are responsive and accountable to the people. It serves as a coordination platform for independent civil society organisation operating in Somaliland.

Every civil society independent civil society organisation can be a member of ISCO Somaliland. The member organisations share a common vision of engagement based on participation, transparency, accountability, inclusion, fairness and trust; using commonly agreed benchmarks, members will apply themselves to the most dynamic connotation of this vision, and affirm an engagement that is complementary in purpose, constructively critical in method and transparent in motive.

The following civil society organisations (listed in alphabetical order) are members of ISCO Somaliland:

1.      Centre for Policy Analysis

2.      Centre for Youth Empowerment,

3.      COMPAD Human Rights and Community Organization

4.      Garsoor Social Development organisation

5.      Horseed Organisation

6.      Hope Development organisation

7.      Human Rights Centre

8.      Solidarity Youth Voluntary Organization (SOYVO)

9.      Somaliland Street Children Rehabilitation Centre

10. Somaliland Women Association (SOWA)

11. Somaliland Women Development Centre (SOWOD)

12. Voice for Somaliland Women Minority Organisation (VOSOMWO)